Jan 5, 2015

CRM 2013 Iframe Displays blank content

Recently, I was working on displaying an Iframe on the opportunity entity form. It is pretty straight forward task however it took me a while to understand what is going on.

Basics – In order to add an Iframe to page, you can just add an iframe to crm form and set the source of iframe static url or dynamics. Just refer documentation in sdk about dynamically setting source of an iframe

I am using CRM online and an iframe for displaying SSRS report hosted locally.

The Problem – CRM online uses https(secure protocol) for communication and local SSRS report was using HTTP. It is unsecured to display https & http under the same page and modern day browser doesn’t show it to user so we get blank content in an iframe.

How can we resolve the issue-

1. You need to make your page available over https, in my case SSRS report should be over https

2. If you can’t make your page available over https then you need live with following .

Internet Explorer -

  • IE would display warning message “Show all content” and you need to click it to display an iframe content


  • You can do following setting to avoid it in IE -
    • Add crm online and other website to trusted sites


    • Set IE to display mixed content


    • you shouldn’t see the “Show all content” popup in IE now

  • Enabling mixed content in Google Chrome
    • Chrome would display security warning at top, please click and load unsafe script



I hope this shouldn’t eat your time :)

Happy Programming-


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