Jun 17, 2009

Quote Process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

I have seen few post on Forums, thought I would put some basics related to Quote process in CRM.
Quote is the estimate given to customer prior to any deal. There are different stages of quotes which I would explain you with few examples.
When Quote is create – Draft stage
When you have to send quote to customer, you need activate it and send to Customer – Activate Quote.
In the Activate stage quote won’t be available for edit. So how do I edit quote if my customer asked quote with some other material.
CRM has provided something called Revise Quote. This would allow you to edit revision quote. Now again you would Activate it to send it to customer.
Same cycle follows. Thus for every editing you have to revise the quote. Finally, Quote can be closed as Won or Lost.
First you have to close the quote with state revised
Here is code snippest for revising Quote:

quoteclose qc = new quoteclose();
qc.quoteid = new Lookup(EntityName.quote.ToString(), quoteid);
CloseQuoteRequest cqr = new CloseQuoteRequest();
cqr.QuoteClose = qc;
cqr.Status = 7;
CloseQuoteResponse resp = (CloseQuoteResponse)ConnectToCrm().Execute(cqr);
Then you can create a new revision
ReviseQuoteRequest rqr = new ReviseQuoteRequest();
rqr.QuoteId = quoteid;
rqr.ColumnSet = new AllColumns();
ReviseQuoteResponse rqresp = (ReviseQuoteResponse)ConnectToCrm().Execute(rqr);
quote quoteDraft = rqresp.BusinessEntity as quote;

This is short Quote Process, write me if you have further questions!


Amol Gholap


karma said...

hope i'm getting wrong, but there is no link between quotes revised and new quote, apart of the quote number, that is not a lookup...
is it right ?


Amol Gholap said...

Yes, you are correct.

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